Financing Your Treatment

No Down Payment (as low as $99 Monthly)

For those that qualify, we offer no down payment on your orthodontic treatment. We also try to keep your monthly payment under $99, because we want to make your treatment super affordable!

0% In-House Financing

That’s right! We offer various ways to finance your treatment.  We offer a very competitive pay in full discount, accepting all major credit cars and flex spending/HSA programs.  For those wanting financing, we offer both outside financing and in-house zero percent interest financing.

Individualized Treatment Costs, as low as $1995.

The cost of braces is as individual as the person that wears them. During your initial complimentary exam, Dr. Keith will evaluate the teeth and the bite and determine the complexity of the case. It is this complexity that will determine your ultimate cost.  We have costs for Teen and Adult Treatment as low as $1995!

Discounts Available

  • Teachers
  • Military
  • Healthcare Workers (Medical, Dental, etc)
  • Firemen / Police
  • Major Companies: Bosch, Boeing, Volvo
  • Multiple Family Members in Treatment

Outside Financing with CareCredit

CareCredit is also a fantastic option for both orthodontic and dental work. CareCredit gives you the ability to wipe out your down payment, and stretch your monthly payments out to 60 months, drastically reducing your monthly payment! Click the CareCredit link below to apply for CareCredit

flexible payment plans for braces orthodontics